Portable Baby Bed

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There's no better feeling than knowing your baby is content and safe.

Enhance your baby's snuggle time by giving them the comfort and security they deserve.

The shape of the baby bed mimics the comfort of the womb so your little one will feel safe and secure while sleeping in it.

It features anti-rolling technology to stop your baby from tumbling out of the bed and falling into stressful sleeping positions.

Encourages Proper Head Development: Babies who lay in one position for too long can develop slat spots on their heads. our bed was designed to prevent this from happening through even pressure distribution.

Promotes Healthy Digestion: Adjustable positioning cushion raises the legs of your baby for proper digestion.

Ultimate In Comfort: Made from soft, breathable material that keeps your baby cool.

Easy To Clean: 100% Machine washable.

✓ Feature: Foldable
✓ Dimension: 65*120CM
✓ Material: Fabric

— 1 X Portable Baby Bed

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