Easy Chain Keeper - Protects And Shields

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Are you tired of your bike frame getting scratched during servicing or transport?

Our Easy Chain Keeper has come to your rescue! This smart little tool makes cleaning, servicing, and getting your bike from point A to point B a whole lot easier.

No More Scratches On Your Bike Frame: When taking off your rear wheel during servicing.

Safely Transport Your Bike: No more oil getting spread around your clean car! The Chain Keeper makes transporting your bike SAFE and EASY.

Simple To Install: No matter what type of rear stay your bike has, the quick release fixing should fit it. It only takes a few seconds to pop it on.

The Chain Keeper is a must-have for every cyclist! No more scratches on your frame! No more messes in your car during transport! This gadget is a life-saver.

 Material: Nylon
 Dimensions: 7x6.5cm/2.76x2.56''

— 1 x Easy Chain Keeper

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