Double-Sided Pet Hair Paddle

Color: Blue
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Say goodbye to stuck-on dog and cat hair! The Double-Sided Pet Hair Paddle gently removes the fuzz with a few swipes.

Is one side to full of hair? No problem! simply flip it over and finish the job with the other side!

Our Double-Sided Pet Hair Paddle makes cleaning up pet hair easy and quick.

The convenient storage case pulls the hair off the paddle and allows you to pull it out from the end and dispose of it into the trash. Simple stuff!

 Easily remove pet hair and dander from surfaces
 Suitable for all kinds of fabrics
 Compact & portable design
 Very easy to use

 Material: ABS & Polyester Brush
 Feature: Eco-Friendly
 Style: Hand

— 1 X Brush
— 1 X Self-cleaning Base
— 1 X Travel-sized Hair Remover Brush

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