3-in-1 Spell Learning Game

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Learning how to spell is something that every child learns how to do.

However, the process can be a bit trickier for some kids. We live in an age where electronics is everything and limiting screen time is very important.

That's why we created a spelling helper game that doesn't involve any electronic devices.

Our game is fun and engaging. it helps kids build upon the spelling skills that they already have and also teaches beginners. It's a lot of fun for the whole family.

 Teaches kids how to spell through play
 Game can be played 3 different ways
 Teaches basic and common words
 Gets children away from screens

3 Ways To Play:
1. Choose a card and find the corresponding blocks to spell out the words.
2. Hide the words on the card and observe the pattern on the card to find the word.
3. Put a word first. Then let the kid find the corresponding card.

 Includes 30 cards & 60 words to spell
 Crafted from wood
 Size: 2313.82.4 cm
 Weight: 0.4 kg
 Age 3+ (toy safety guidelines below)

— 1 X Wood Tray
— 30 Pcs Double Side English Words Cards
— 8 Pcs Alphabet Cubes
— 1 X Game Board

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