Permanent Survival Match Striker

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Classic and unique incandescent.

the perfect gadget for cooking grills, grills, steamers, gas grills and barbecues.

A great companion for camping, travel, hiking and other free air activities.

Perfect gift for your friends and family on any occasion like business, birthdays, wedding, father's day, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas , etc.

✓ Water -resistant and impact -resistant
✓ Premium quality magnesium core striker is good for up to 15,000 strikes
✓ Easy to transport
✓ Easy to operate and use every day
✓ Lights a variety of things like campfires, stoves, paper, you name it!
✓ Great for emergency preparedness, camping, and a plethora of other situations
✓ Use it anytime, anywhere, under any conditions

✓ Material: Metal
✓ Weight: 60g / Item Size: 1.4 x 1.7 x 6.5 cm
✓ Techniques: Varnish

— 1 X Permanent Survival Match Striker

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