Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion

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This Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion is perfect for making your hard chair a bit softer, for use on bleachers, or anywhere else!

It creates a warm, comfortable space to relax and enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee, watching a movie, or reading a book.

If you're dealing with back pain the Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion can help relieve your discomfort.

Extremely versatile, easy to clean, and portable


✓ Uses eco-friendly, high-grade material and PP fabrics that won't deform over time
✓ Comfortable non-slip bottom and strap design to keep it in place
✓ Provides excellent back support and relieves common symptoms due to uneven weight distribution


✓ Material: PP + Polyester Fiber
✓ Height: 130mm
✓ Material: Resin


— 1 X Semi-Enclosed Seat Cushion

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